JUNE 29, 2015

This was the date Acidic Fitness was founded. A rebirth of the Acidic brand which dates back to March 2009, Miles Sita wanted to create a fresh brand within a passion he had at the time which was fitness whilst resurrecting a brand he put so much work into during his days at Barking Abbey secondary school. 

Acidic Fitness was going to be an extended project, one that will take its time to grow as the aim back then and still to this day was to offer a product nobody else was offering. And the product Acidic Fitness delivered would evolve as years went by.

The New Shift

"The New Shift" was a period 14 months after the establishment of Acidic Fitness where the focus of the brand shifted from solely fitness to multiple elements of sport and performance. During this time Acidic Fitness entered into it's first brand agreement with Innocent Drinks and the Acidic brand saw it's first batch of Acidic Fitness Athletes, the best young elite athletes in their respective sports.

The future


We have established ourselves as specialists in online content and showcasing the best young talents in sport from the likes of Laviai Nielsen to Acidic Fitness Athlete George Fisher.

Our story doesn't end here. We aim to strengthen our pre-existing relationships, build new ones, and become a household name in the fitness and sport community. How will we get there? By creating content that you'll be happy to engage with, featuring athletes and personalities that you can connect with.

PH1 Trans LOGO copy.png



In January 2019, Acidic Fitness would launch PH1 FC as its separate brand focusing solely on football. Made up of male and female football enthusiasts the aim is to provide a platform for these talented football to express themselves and to supplement their football lifestyles in hopes of climbing up the football pyramid.