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Season 2

We're doing things properly. We want the Acidic Fitness Athletes to be the true faces of the Acidic brand. We have searched high and low to find the best young elite athletes in sport for you to be exposed to.


World Domination

All our Acidic Fitness Athletes compete at an international level. Whether that is competing on a global stage and/or representing their nation. Competing at this level demonstrates their ability level and the dedication the athletes put into their craft.

Minority Sports

We do not believe sports such as netball, cheerleading, etc. get enough recognition in the public eye. We aim to raise the profile of these sports through the prominent feature of our Acidic Fitness Athletes.

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The girl that goes by many names. Georgina, George, Jorge, Fish. Thats a lot of names for a young athlete pushing towards greatness. A double top flight netball champion at just 19, click the logo to learn more about Fisher.

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Cheerleading is a sport and Poppy Caller competes with the very best in the world. A bronze medalist with England in 2016 and a top 10 finish at the recent worlds with ICE, Caller isn't finished yet as she sets her sights on a higher worlds finish and a spot in the new England level 6 squad.

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