A few months after becoming the first all-female team to participate in the Adidas Tango League, PH1 FC will be looking to cement their name into the history books by becoming the first female Tango League LDN winners.

Following an in-depth recruitment period which will see a new look squad descend on the South London cage, here you will have the opportunity to learn more about each individual player in this Tango squad.


D.O.B: 27/09/1996

Position: Full Back

We start with the oldest player in the entire PH1 set up, Lauren Peck has played at a variety of levels. A Portsmouth native, she started off playing for the development squad at Chelsea. She would then enjoy stints over at hometown club Portsmouth as well as spells at QPR and Watford in the third tier of Women's English football. After overcoming a lengthy injury shortly after joining the hornets, she is now playing her football at Fulham (alongside fellow players Lilly Lambird & Sophie Hudson).

Although she is the same height as her matchday mascots, don't be fooled by her size and she brings pace and energy to any side she is a part of, something which will be much needed in this type of tournament.


D.O.B: 24/11/1998

Position: Forward

Another playing who is experienced at a number of clubs in the game. Molly Peters is a proven young forward racking in a total of 16 goals during the 18-19 season in the national league. She will be hoping to carry on that goalscoring momentum as she enters a brand new proving ground with Lewes FC who play in the second tier of English Football.

Peters is a student-athlete with a sports scholarship at Hertfordshire University, the same establishment where Acidic Fitness Athlete George Fisher is based at. At Herts she played for both futsal and football teams and was chosen for the England Uni rep team.


D.O.B: 14/01/2000

Position: Winger

Another PH1 student-athlete hailing from St. Mary's University, Jenny Hughes is the ultimate example of hard work = great reward. A national lacrosse championship under her belt along with a Wales U19 call up last year and a county cup win this past season (alongside Amy Martin and Alketa Rragami).

With the bold targets that PH1 have, Hughes comes into this squad with a winning mentality which will surely be rubbed onto the rest of the players in the team and those involved in the wider operation.


D.O.B: 12/11/2001

Position: Central Midfield

One of the first PH1 women in the group and the only player in this squad to have also played in the first Tango League, Hudson has appeared in 2 previous small-sided tournaments for PH1. A 2018 People's Cup finalist at the U16 category she knows how to play the small-sided game as well as the 11-a-side game. Hudson's biggest strength is her ability to read the game well and in a flash, qualities which will be useful during a fast paced environment in the cage.

Currently at Fulham, she was previously at Middlesex CofE and Wimbledon.


D.O.B: 13/08/2001

Position: Goalkeeper

Amy Martin is a hungry goalkeeper who wants to play at the highest level. Which is why she is at PH1 and why she recently made the switch over to recently promoted Tottenham. Not the tallest of figures but that doesn't matter, she makes up for it with top shot stopping abilities and cognitive positioning, both essential qualities in a goalkeeper. 

The best Tango teams have the best keepers, and the best keepers in small-sided tournaments are those that are usually competent in futsal, a variation that Martin is all too familiar with and will come to her and the teams aid. 


D.O.B: 31/01/2001

Position: Central/Attacking Midfield

As soon as she hit 16, Alketa Rragami was playing league football with Denham United, a womens-only club based in the outskirts of Uxbridge. In that same year she would be called up to represent her native Albania at U19 level, an honour she carries with huge pride. 

An attacking-minded player, she prefers to play as a traditional number 8 where she's in a prime position to instigate goal-scoring opportunities for the team, or even nab a goal for herself if the opportunity presents itself.

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