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Acidic Fitness Athletes

Acidic Fitness Limited declared a major internal restructuring of the company in May 2016 which would see changes to the internal structure of the company. At this moment the company's business structure is untouched and any such changes will be announced along with an amendment of the company overview (which can be viewed at the bottom of the website under "The Company"). One of the major changes were modifications to the internal team within Acidic Fitness. After a lengthy process we are now in a comfortable position to share with you the future of Acidic Fitness.

Acidic Fitness Athletes This is by far the biggest modification made to Acidic Fitness. Team members will no longer be referred to contributors but instead as "Acidic Fitness Athletes". They will represent the brand and help us to achieve our goals of inspiring and educating a wide audience how to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Performance sport athletes will also contribute to our Athletic Series where we will attempt to create a shift towards athletic development for performance within the fitness industry, something we as a company and prospective athletes believe is lacking in this current landscape. Athletes have been scouted and shortlisted based on their sporting accomplishments, and approached in the last six months and announcements will be made revealing the identity of the athletes in due course.

Current personnel The internal team has been split into operational staff and Acidic Fitness Athletes, so this means not all of the original six will automatically become athletes. Miles Sita will keep his position overseeing all operations at Acidic Fitness Limited and as it stands will not be an Acidic Fitness Athlete. Kevin Kombi and Jonas Stankevicius will transition into Acidic Fitness athletes with Kombi being a representative for bodybuilding and Stankevicius a representative for American Football and Powerlifting. Natalia Dominguez will keep her role as Marketing Officer.

Athletic Series Like mentioned above, athletes will contribute to the Athletic Series. Because of the major restructuring that has taken place the start of this series has been postponed. However we can announce that the first block Athletic Series clips featuring UKBFF/IFBA athlete Sophie Wheeldon-Jones will be released on Facebook. This will mean that all three Acidic Fitness original series will now be underway including Gym Tours & Acidic Kitchen.

Athlete announcements will come in due time and we will make sure that you are made aware in the most effective way possible. Be sure to follow @AcidicFitness across all forms of social media to stay updated with the latest news.

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