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Acidic Fitness Enters Tango League AS pH1

Adidas have recently announced the return of the Tango League London. For the first time ever Acidic Fitness will enter a squad into this tournament. The scouting process was short and quick and now we can reveal who has made the cut so far into the Acidic Fitness: pH1 team.

When the tournament date is closer we will update you all on how you can stay in the loop with the progress that pH1 make throughout the Tango League events. Be sure to follow Acidic Fitness on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so you don't miss out.


Meet The Team

Miles Sita


A #TangoSquad member, the captain of the Acidic Fitness ship but also the captain of this pH1 team, Sita has achieved  a number of things in the game such as winning regional championships and playing at a high level in front of Premier League stars. Although he hasn't played consistently in over 2 years he is still heavily involved in the game as a s&c coach and is working towards a comeback later on in the year.

Frankie Naidoo

Central/Defensive Midfielder

An aggressive player in the middle of the park, Frankie Naidoo provides physical back-up for the team. A solid player such as Naidoo that is not afraid to get into scraps are qualities that are needed in this type of environment where spaces are limited.

Morgan Seaman

Full Back

A player that uses his speed to start the bring the attack to the opposition from deep. As well as being attacking minded when he has the ball he makes sure to assist in preventing the opposition from causing damage, by winning possession and starting the attack from deep.

Daniel Pandele

Central Midfield

Pin-point passing and someone who isn't afraid to shoot from distance, Daniel Pandele is a player who is not afraid to attack. This opportunity was made for Pandele as the smaller surface area allows for him to continuously go on the attack.

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