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Adidas & Boost Drinks unveil new PH1 FC jersey

With government lockdown restrictions being partially lifted resulting in non-elite level sport returning to England on Monday 28th March, PH1 seize the moment by unveiling their first ever bespoke kit with help from partners Adidas and [since December] Boost Drinks.

Boost Drinks would partner with Acidic Fitness/PH1 FC, with the announcement coming in December 2020 as part of their #ChooseNow campaign drive. The Boost logo is positioned at the centre of the jersey complimenting the red, maroon and navy design. The design itself represents the stripes of the tiger; tigers' being members of the cat family have territorial characteristics and PH1 are aiming to mark their territory on a relatively new competitive creators women's football scene in the UK made up of top tier players.

All bar one of the 18-strong PH1 roster members were unable to take part in football, as Women's Tiers 3-5 are deemed non-elite. Some players have not even played a single game of football since the start November when a second nationwide lockdown was introduced. So taking part in this kit campaign, in the works since November 2019 (not a typo, it has been that long) has come at the perfect time as the players return to train with their parent clubs this week.

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