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Baiteze Squad Tango League Champions (At The Third Attempt)

It took 25 games in total across three instalments of the Adidas Tango League for the Baiteze Squad to finally claim the Tango trophy.

For those unaware, or if you're in need of a reminder, the Baiteze Squad are a group of young footballers from East London known within the football community for being one of the most skilled set of players London has to offer. They established a YouTube channel right after their first Tango appearance with over 130,000 video views. A numbers of players within the squad also play for a number of semi-professional teams highlighting the quality they have.

This edition of Tango League London (executively produced by Sara Willsher 🤔) was different to the previous two to have taken place this year; the final showdown involved 8 teams, two of the teams included previous Tango League winners Pogboom FC and Kings, who narrowly beat the Baiteze Squad in their respective finals. Instead of the traditional 5v5 format teams would start 1v1 and every 30 seconds a new player would enter the pitch until it was 5v5. 

This final was a repeat of the previous final at Broadwater between Baiteze and Kings; a rivalry which dates back to 2013 where the two sets of teams would meet in various football tournaments up until now. This time however Baiteze finally got the upper hand and clinched the grand prize of an experience with Real Madrid. "We've been playing the Kings boys way before the Adidas events", says Theo, the squads highest rated player on the Tango League leaderboard, "we have this rivalry but a good one".

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