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George Fisher joins the Acidic Fitness Athletes Roster

The biggest acquisition in Acidic Fitness history has been made official. Acidic Fitness confirmed on their Instagram page that George Fisher joins worlds level 5 cheerleader Poppy Caller as Acidic Fitness Athletes for season 2 with a week long social campaign "Remember The Name".

Founder and Owner Miles Sita had a say on the acquisition which he said has been the most challenging process since starting the Acidic Fitness brand.

"I've always had a soft spot for netball and wanted to do the sport justice by having the best talent to represent not only our brand but the sport of netball to a wider audience and Fish fits that bill perfectly".

Fisher is only the second athlete to be announced as part of the new Acidic Fitness Athletes season with Level 5 cheerleader Poppy Caller being announced as the first in August.

"I wanted to do the athletes programme justice and only have the best of the best be given the honour of given the title of Acidic Fitness Athlete. Caller and Fish are the best of the best in their respective sports and I can't wait to work with them both and hopefully add some more names to the roster in months to come".

As an Acidic Fitness Athlete, expect to see George Fisher's face prominently featured across all Acidic Fitness media. Sita has high hopes for the partnership moving forward.

"I want people to know George Fisher the individual as well as the athlete. She has achieved so much at such a young age and she has worked so hard. There is more to come from Fisher but in the meantime I want more people to be exposed to her athletic capabilities and bubbly personality".

Click her to see the campaign page.

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