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ICE 5 Record Their Best Ever Worlds Finish

Months of hard work, sweat, complaining, sprains, injuries, tears, the lot all culminated at the ESPN Sports Complex for the Cheerleading Worlds. A number of teams from nations members of the IASF descended into Orlando for a week of acclimatisation, training and the big competition.

For ICE 5, the international team within the Intensity Cheer Extreme Programme based in Kent this would be their fourth outing on the international stage. In their debut year they finished 33rd followed by 16th and then for the first time a top 10 finish last year. The target this year was simple; stay within the top 10 again and hit zero in their routine, which in cheerleading this means executing a routine without any falls or wobbles which will result in points deductions.

On Day 1 of the competition, ICE 5 achieved the goal of hitting zero in their routine. They would then find out they progressed to day 2 ranked 6th out of 43 teams in total. In Day 2 they would hit zero again and maintain their ranking position at the end of the competition.

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