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ICE Athletics & Acidic Fitness to launch Cheer Worlds 2019 docuseries

Acidic Fitness in partnership with Ice Athletics are set to release the eagerly-anticipated docuseries focusing on the 2019 World's journey of the Ice Athletics International 5 team from their training base in Swanscombe, Kent, to the global stage in Orlando, Florida. Viewers will expect to see their journey from the start of the competition season at the start of the year with access to local and national competitions before culminating at the show of shows.

Due to be released in time for the 2020 World's in the same location, this will be the first Acidic docuseries since Diamond Team (2018) and the most complex project to date, with the agreement coming in November 2018.

4 months of weekly shooting with nearly 100 hours worth of footage and its share of storage problems, it has definitely been a challenging experience which will soon pay off.

Executive Producer Miles Sita chimes into with some comments regarding the news of the imminent release of the project.

"It has been a fun project to shoot in real time but the post-production definitely hasn't been easy at all, the delay in releasing the project isn't ideal however I am happy that we are ever so close to dropping this project that this team, their programme and the entire cheer community will appreciate".

The series will be split into 5 episodes each being available to view on the Acidic Fitness YouTube channel as well as supplementary content on the Instagram page. A concrete release date will be communicated through all official channels subject to final post-production duties being fulfilled. A first look video will be out this week.

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