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Predator relaunches in Oxford Street, London

After a two year hiatus, Adidas relaunched the iconic Predator boot featuring the two faces of the line. Tottenham Hotspu's Dele Alli and Manchester United's Paul Pogba joined the festivities which were held on the top floor of the flagship Adidas Store in Oxford Street, Central London. 

The 2018 boot actually made its debut last week, with the two donning a pair in their respective Champions League ties following a well-done campaign by Adidas hyping its return. The predator made a number of cameos in 2017 before officially replacing the Ace range of football boots this month. These include the limited edition re-releases of the Predator Mania, Accelerator and most recently the David Beckham signature Predator Accelerator. All re-releases were supplemented with an Ultraboost version similar to the current range of boots (i.e. Nemeziz Ultraboost and Ace 17+ Ultraboost).

Prior to the event, the top floor of the Adidas flagship store was completely transformed for two days showcasing everything Predator; from a tunnel of highlight reels as you make your way through to being greeted with a display of the three new Predator models for Street, Cage and Stadium.

Speaking of cage, a cage was installed at the heart of the experience where visitors were given the chance to try on a pair of Predator boots to test their control. The person with the highest score at the end of the two days wins a pair of Predator boots just like that.

You can explore the Adidas Predator range by visiting

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