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PH1 declares it's intention to compete in a 2021/22 Sunday League

Despite the current uncertainty that surrounds grassroots sports in the UK as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, PH1 FC are today formally announcing our intent to enter a men’s Sunday league performance team in the league that covers the East London/Essex area in time for the 2021/22 season. By that time it will have been nearly 5 years since the formation of PH1 as a collective and nearly 3 years as a brand where we have seen tremendous growth and excitement in particular within the women’s football community.

The current PH1 men's squad from left to right, Morgan Seaman, Daniel Pandele, Frankie Naidoo, Vinnie Naidoo, Henry Mabassa, Miles Sita and Malik Solebo

The Aim

The aim is to build a competitive PH1 men’s team to compete weekly in an 11-a-side Sunday League team. All games are to be captured and presented as part of a brand new PH1 original series; PH1 Sunday League. With this series, viewers will be able to see PH1 players in a competitive setting on a consistent basis. PH1 FC are in the process now of planning how the layout of the weekly episodes will be mainly from a production standpoint as production value is one of our top priorities. These considerations will be trialled out during another new PH1 original series which will be announced shortly featuring St. Mary’s representatives Shauna Munnelly, Alice Curr, Jenny Hughes, Lilly Lambird & Sophie Hudson.

PH1 FC are looking to build an 11-a-side men's team to compete in a Sunday League that covers the East London/Essex area

What happens between now and August 2021?

PH1 are currently looking to forge new partnerships with third party brands and businesses for the Men’s and Women’s PH1 squads. Like mentioned above PH1 will trial production considerations throughout the 2020/21 season in a specific football environment as well as using methods from past Acidic Fitness productions such as Diamond Team & Global Cooling. There will also be an extensive men’s exclusive scouting operation where a wish-list will be compiled as well as considering male enquiries from the PH1 website. Because of our vision for the Sunday League series and our ambitions to be on par with some of the leaders in YouTube Sunday League from a content creation standpoint.

I follow PH1 for the women, what is happening with the Women’s squad?

Due to the structure of women’s football in the UK, with matches being played on a Sunday, PH1 players playing at high level (between tiers 2 and 5) and our female players placing their clubs as a priority which we encourage, we have decided that it is only appropriate during the season for the women to sporadically come together as a team for major tournaments such as The FA Fives (May 2021), Tango League and exhibitions should they arise. During the off season however as there is less contact time with clubs there is more flexibility with the players and their availability.

By the start of the 2021/22 PH1 hope to be in a position to cover the individual progress of the women's team concurrently with the progress of the men's team on Sundays.

So to curb this, and to provide you with content during the season we have decided to carry over a classic Acidic Fitness reporting method into PH1. The aim is to provide you with a weekly update on how the PH1 players themselves and their teams are getting on in their respective leagues. We will also try to capture game footage however this will depend on agreements reached with the individual clubs themselves as they will each have their own policies and procedures.

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