State of business & Athletic Series

The month of May has come and for the majority of our audience that means one (daunting) thing; the start of exam season. It has been about a month since this exciting website has gone live and since then all Acidic Fitness team members have had their priorities elsewhere as at the end of the day we are all full-time university students at the business end of the semester. Having said that though there have been issues with releasing archived and promotional material which has not helped the situation at all, but we hope that the issue will be resolved this week. The contents drought at Acidic Fitness will come to an end however (not including the backlogged content that was scheduled for release weeks ago). On the 14th May team members Miles Sita and Kevin Kombi will be at the BodyPower expo having fun and recording content for this website. Acidic Fitness Kitchen will see more recipes added courtesy of high profile fitness bloggers that have kindly agreed to contribute to the series. Gym Tours is still under development.

Athletic Series

Acidic Fitness would like to take this opportunity to formally introduce the plans for "Acidic Fitness: Athletic Series" following the views the page received in the first week and our lack of communication regarding the series, mainly because of the amount of planning that was behind it. With this series, we plan to focus on the athletic preparation of performance athletes in sports such as football, athletics, rugby and american football. We do not want to reveal too much but in a nutshell that is what this series will entail with filming scheduled to take place at the end of May with content to be released in June along with others. You might have realised something called the "Athletic Series Podcast". This was a working title for a podcast and we have decided to keep the name as the initial episode featuring "Lily Beckford" fits into our plans for both the Athletic Series and the podcast. This means that as of today the Athletic Series will have one content available to view/listen right now and that is the "Athletic Series Podcast featuring Lily Beckford".

Once again we would like to apologise for our contents drought and we hope to make it up to you with content being filled up on this website very soon. But for now I hope you enjoy what we have to offer at the moment.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.