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Top 3 Finish For Alicja Kotus

It was a day where hard work and determination paid off for UKBFF bikini debutant Alicja Kotus. In an event which saw a record number of beginners competing on the UKBFF stage with 150+ competitors, young Alicja Kotus was hoping to get her body comp. career to a bright start.

Competing in two categories on the day, her first category "Bikini Juniors" was actually the first of the day where she finished 4th out of a number of other women that graced the stage.

However Kotus wouldn't leave Dartford empty-handed as she would re-enter the stage for the Women's physique (over 163m) category where she would come out second place out of twelve other competitors. "It felt normal, I had so much fun getting on stage" said Kotus immediately after taking countless photos with her 2nd place trophy for the Instagram.

After a long-awaited cheat meal hours after the show, the grind doesn't stop as she was seen right back in the gym just under 24 hours after she stepped onto the stage for the first time. There is plenty more to come from Alicja in future body competitions.

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