UK Fit Fam Meet-Up (with Photos)

What is the outcome when you place three fitness influencers together with a following of nearly 300k where they've informed all their followers that they’ll be at a particular gym at a particular time on a particular date? On the 18th February influencers Grace Beverley (@gracefituk), Lauren Tickner (@laurentickner) and Elle Darby (@elledarby) hosted their first ever collaborative meet-up at easygym in Oxford Street, London. An event which saw 150+ young females from all over the country, as close as Vauxhall which is 20 minutes away and as far as Edinburgh.

"A lot of people do these types of meet ups in the US, but they're not as common in the UK apart from expos", a statement made by Grace which was echoed by Lauren and Elle. A small selection of fitness meet-ups have occured in the UK outside of BodyPower with the #TeamSwench workshop in Birmingham being a great example, but there are not many examples of events such as this in this country.

The objectives of this meet-up were simple for these three young ladies, they wanted to use this day as an opportunity not to just allow people to converse with them in a casual manner but to also allow relationships among other ladies that share similar interests in fitness to blossom, especially if their current crop of friends have little to no interest in fitness. “We set up a group chat on Facebook as we were all from near enough the same area and didn’t want to go alone”, said one visitor. She went went to to add “this was a great opportunity to talk to each other beforehand so when we don’t meet up it isn’t awkward”. With over 150 girls in attendance there were still girls that strolled in alone. Another group of girls stated “we still saw a few girls coming alone alone and we tried to get those sort of people to not get left out as this isn’t what this is about”.

A Q&A session involving the three girls took place halfway into the event followed by a giveaway. Girls that made use of the #meettheukfitfam hashtag were in for a chance to win some goodies and a number of lucky users of the hashtag went home with something extra on the day. There were plenty more fitness influencers within the crowds too, notable names such as Jade Joselyn (@JadeJoselyn), “Two Peas in a Bod” Stephanie Elswood (@HealthyChefSteph), Chessie King (@chessiekingg) and GB junior powerlifter Emily Przeslak (@emilygetstrong) among others.