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UKBFF Debuts for Sophie Wheeldon-Jones & Elle Darby

Sunday September 18 will see the UKBFF debuts of Sophie Wheeldon-Jones and Elle Darby. The pair with over 20,000 combined Instagram followers will compete in the bikini category in front of a packed out audience at the De Montfort Hall in Leicester.

Wheeldon-Jones and Darby have been preparing for their debuts a number of months. Darby's bikini prep journey series with 38 episodes (at the time of print) can be viewed on her YouTube channel. Acidic Fitness caught up with Wheeldon-Jones to get a deeper insight into her preparation for her UKBFF show and her IFBA competition (in the toned category a weekend before the UKBFF) for Acidic Kitchen and the Athletic Series. The first video giving advice to everyone wishing to compete in bodybuilding competitions is down below. The rest of the clips featuring Wheeldon-Jones will be available here on, Facebook and Twitter.

If you live by the Leicester area, you can purchase tickets to the show here. Acidic Fitness representatives will be in attendance supporting these two women including future UKBFF athlete Yasmin Zbari, who has appeared in the most popular production to date, Gym Tours Episode 2. As always live updates regarding this show will be available across all Acidic Fitness social channels, especially Snapchat and Twitter. You can show your support for these two women by following them on Instagram @SophitUK and @elledarbycoach.
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