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#WelcomeSG to the Acidic Fitness Athletes roster

Acidic Fitness are pleased to announce the addition of Sophie Gayle to the Acidic Fitness athletes roster. Gayle is a university cheerleader for the Brunel Blizzards with a background in gymnastics at junior level. Director Miles Sita has demonstrated his excitement for his latest addition to the roster and is hopeful for what the future holds with having Gayle on board.

“I have been trying to get a cheerleader on board with Acidic Fitness from day 1, I failed to convince two others to believe in the vision but it’s a relief that I am able to establish a healthy working relationship with someone like Sophie who I already have a healthy personal relationship with also”.

Sita then went on to explain what the plans are for Gayle without giving too much away. He carried on to say that “This is not just to make Sophie Gayle look good but more importantly we hope to raise the profile of the sport of cheerleading and gymnastics to aspiring athletes in that respective sport and for the general audience that do not have extensive knowledge about the sport”. Sophie Gayle herself has gone on to say that she is “grateful” for being chosen to be added into the Acidic Fitness Athletes roster picking out in particular fellow female athletes Sophie Wheeldon-Jones and May Campbell. ​

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